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Welcome to our workshop

The Strombuch-Team brings together craft and ideas from two worlds – from the world of words and of images. Start-up means for us: To bring something new to the initiation! At the same time, fall back on old experiences and know-how. We are journalists, literary scholars, makers of film and TV, reporters, cameramen, graphic artists, programmers. Briefly: professionals, who know their trade. Strombuch is a stable team, supported from a network of experts, who work together depending on the project.

Our vision

Digital books from today must not look like books from yesterday. We bring media together. Why? Because we can, and because it enriches many stories. How this looks and feels like for the new e-book readers and tablet users – that’s what we, from Strombuch, want to know again and again.

Our technique

We produce e-books for all regular platforms and standards: Amazon, Apple, Epup, Kindle, iPad, Android-mobiles and Tolino to name but a few. At the same time we decide in each case, which strategy and which shops fit. Which sales channel does one use with which project? We clarify these questions in each case with our authors and partners.


Dirk Meißner
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