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For our own books we work together with authors or we use public domain works. We invite film producers, musicians, visual and graphic artists to participate in our projects. The cost of each Strombuch-production bears the publishing company. We don’t demand grants. We take the risk when we believe in a story, then, we take care of everything: multimedia concept, e-book direction, copy-editing, press work, marketing. No hidden costs. Fair share.

Services for publishing companies

Regie: StrombuchMembers of the Strombuch-team are professionals from film and TV. Experienced film producers, reporters, cameramen, graphic artists and programmers. We offer a service which goes beyond the text. Dealing with words is ultimately your business!


Whatever fits to your book-project: photos, videos, audio, sounds, music, animation; there is no limit to the imagination. We not only produce it, we compliment the elements together sensibly and call it therefore e-book direction.


You want to tell a story or would like to write a non-fiction book? You have looked for a publishing company or have considered self-publishing? Here at Strombuch we offer advice and classical agency-services, as well as working together with external agents.


All Strom-books go through our qualified copy-editing. We don’t talk about just proofreading. During the developing process of a story, the writing and the correcting, we see ourselves as partners with our authors. We want to produce the best possible book.


For authors, who prefer to make their book on their own, we also offer all services separately. Concrete: You can buy our know-how. You keep all the rights of your project. Not all books can become a Strombuch, but you can apply. The process is not binding and free of charge. What we recommend in any case: No publishing without copy-editing. Your book and your readers should be worth it for you.


We cannot read every manuscript that reaches us unsolicited. But we can be inspired. Arouse our curiosity! It will take nothing more than a bit of effort. Our rules: Please send us an exposé consisting of one DIN-A-4 page of a short summary. Everything we should know about your story, your book or multimedia-project, plus a short biography and a photo, as we like to know the person we are dealing with. We also need a reading sample: Please, not more than the first 15 pages! We treat all this strictly confidentially and destroy it after our assessment. We won’t send it back. You follow our rules? Then we promise a qualified evaluation. We don’t send standard refusals. You had the effort – we want to reward it.


This is not our opinion! Digital publishing means using all channels to make the e-book or multimedia-project well known. We believe in our books and want them to be read! We advertise with trailers, videos, social-network-campaigns, public appearances, press work and classic marketing. We know how the net works and we plan our campaigns, which fit to the books from today.

Press work

Members of the Strombuch-Team are experienced journalists from print, online and TV. We know media from the inside. We know how our colleagues work and assess projects. From the first press announcement to a TV interview you are in the best hands. We adapt our service to your needs. Starting with a photo of the author for networking, right up to interview training in front of a camera.


For all our services we offer workshops, training and lectures. You need tutoring in net-marketing? Can we help you with e-book business or the digital technique? As a publishing house you want to support your authors with media? We offer group training and individual coaching. Let us create an offer!