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Deutschland 1945. Die Geschichte eines Soldaten und seiner Familie. Erich ist heimgekehrt von der Front – aber verwundet an Leib und Seele. Sein Trauma wird zum Albtraum für Frau und Kinder.


“I wished, he had never come back …”

Ein Briefroman des deutschen Autors Frank Salewski. Englische Fassung als E-Book in Zusammenarbeit mit Killroy media. Das Buch zur Debatte: Wenn Krieg krank macht. Über Generationen hinweg.

I took one of the diaries randomly, which consisted of a black, almost fragile exercise book, out of the box and opened it. “… and how sweet he is, I think I have fallen in love…” I have never shut a book more quickly.

Autor Frank SalewskiThis is the beginning of an emotional time travel, in which the author easily transports the reader into the thirties and forties of the last century. At first as a curious observer, the reader quickly becomes involved in the story through the moving and intimate details from the diary of the protagonist, Eva, and the letters to her best friend, Lilli. Almost unnoticeably Eva’s diary entries come together with her letters at the end of World War II to merge into a tragic final chord.